Crochet School – Learning How To Crochet A Chain

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Crochet School – Learning How To Crochet A Chain

Project technique : Crochet School!

This week, we didn’t had to give “normal” lessons to our students because we did a project around technique with all the fifth- and six-graders. Every teacher gave another project around technique and my job was to give a little workshop about “crochet“. So this week it really was a “crochet school”!

I decorated my classroom with a lot of my personal projects I made, to make the children warm to crochet. At first I thought the children wouldn’t like it very much, especially the boys who signed in, but it turned out to be a major succes! All the children who followed my workshop really chose to take this course and every day I had about 18-21 children. In every group I also had some boys. Around 5 boys per group. Only my last group had about 10 boys!

I started really motivated and also the children were very motivated! They all wanted to be able to create some beautiful little bracelets. Just one big chain made out of chain stitches.

I needed to start to explain how they had to make a loop around their crochet hook. And that was the hardest part. It took me around 20 minutes before every single one of the group understood how they had to make this loop. After that, the hardest part was already done. I further explained how they had to crochet the chain stitch and after a few minutes they all where crocheting.

And crocheting they did. After a while they all finished their first bracelet and they all were very proud of themselves. They started to make more bracelets, for their friends, family, ….

I really enjoyed it very much seeing the children so happy and motivated about crochet. Some of them said “Miss, it is so addictive!”

You can take a look at some photo’s from the projects here. It are all the projects, so you just have to scroll until you see the crochet pictures!

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