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I am Crochedo

I’m happy you found your way to my website. I am Dominique and I discovered the art of crochet while I was home due to health problems. Laying down all day and not being able to walk made me read a lot of books, see too many movies and series until I finally got bored of not being able to do something useful all day. I decided that it was time to try out something new. Carefully I started a little crochetproject to see if it truly was something for me. From the first moment I layed my yarn on the hook and made my first stitch “the crochetaddiction” hit in and still does and so Crochedo was ready to be born.
Everywhere I go, I always carry something to crochet with me. Whether I go to work, meet friends or family, take a ride on the bus, my bag always contains one or more little crochetprojects.

Birth of Crochedo

Since the art of crochet has gotten me so well I decided that I needed a website. Bohem did an outstanding job making my website a dream come true!
I do not only crochet for my own pleasure, to make gifts for friends and family, but I also make and sell my things on request.
Take a good look around here in my “crochet cuisine“. Enjoy all the pictures and the blog. Feel free to leave comments and spread the word of my “cuisine”.
If you have seen something you like that I could make for you, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail or order it when the online shop will be open.
Enjoy your stay in my “crochet cuisine“.



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