Crochet Lalylala – One Lovely Lalylala Dragon

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Project Description

Crochet Lalylala

Crochet Lalylala Dragon

How cute one dragon can be!

The handmade crochet Lalylala dolls you can find on the internet immediately drew my attention. I fell in love with all the different patterns you can find and I decided to make a few of them. Here you can see my first handmade crochet Lalylala. It is the dragon doll. You can play with the colors of yarn you want. I’ve chosen light green because I think it’s more “dragon like” 🙂


This handmade crochet Lalylala dragon is one fine piece of art! You shouldn’t use this crochet doll as a toy for your children, but it is really a piece of decoration! The crochet dragon is one of my bigger amigurumi animals. He is about 29 cm! It is one of my favorite amigurumi so far!


This handmade crochet Lalylala dragon isn’t that difficult to make, but you have to maintain the basic stitches very well and know how to use some more advanced stitches. The entire crochet doll is made with a hook size 2.5 (US B). But to crochet the scarf I’ve used hooksize 3 (US C). The stitches needed to make this beautiful handmade crochet dragon are following : chain, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, picot stitch and slip stitch.


Yarn : Apilou (very soft acryl) – Phildar Coton 3 (very soft cotton) – Catania (very soft cotton)
Hooksize : 2.5mm (B) – 3mm (C)
Skill : medium
Stitches : ch, sc, hdc, dc, picot, sl st